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Young Living Everyday Essential Oils for Health, Happiness, and Wholeness

There are tons of products on the market now to help support green, organic lifestyles.  You can add essential oils to your everyday arsenal of products that are easy and extremely beneficial ways to improve your health, mood, and spirituality. I have personally always been a huge proponent of any kind of essential oils and have been using them for beauty recipes, ingesting, and aromatherapy, for about five years now.  Those new to essential oils may wonder what are some benefits of including these tiny vials into my daily routine?


  • Improve your mood
  • Supports weight management
  • Increases energy levels
  • Provides a source of powerful antioxidants
  • Combats toxins in your environment
  • Supports immune system functions
  • Supports digestive functions
  • Cleanse and purify your home
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Supports healthy hair
  • Provides anti-aging benefits
  • Heightens and activates your spiritual awareness

Below is an example picture of how to incorporate some of the more popular oils into your daily routines, as provided by the Young Living website.



All of the above benefits sound great? Then you are ready to take the plunge and begin your new health journey with the assistance of quality essential oils. Additionally, Young Living is committed to a high quality product that is meticulously tested and checked to meet above the industry standards. They have coined the phrase from “Seed to Seal” as a way to show they control and regulate every phase of production for each oil and product they manufacture. So the product you are getting is like the Whole Foods of essential oils. The problem with cheaper essential oils is that they are often diluted and can contain non-organic and toxic ingredients mixed in with the “pure” oil. Federal regulations are not strict enough with labeling, so a product labeled as pure or organic might not actually be 100% natural.

With anything, quality can come at a price and that’s what you’re getting with Young Living–the best quality product.  I like to say Young Living is like the “Whole Foods” of essential oil companies. While the price point on various oils may seem high, the best way to save money and get a discount is to become a Young Living Distributor (Wholesale) and you will receive up to 24% off, as well as other perks. There is no obligation to sell and this is not some pyramid scheme (I was skeptical for about a year before joining). Bottom line is, you can become a wholesale seller with ease and take your stab at an amazing financial venture that can be very rewarding. Or, you can simply enjoy the discounts on the products you love. If you want to just go for it and become a wholesale team member, please  visit my exclusive Young Living Distributor page today at:

My Member ID: 2431561

If you still need convincing, then read my FAQ on Becoming a Wholesale Distributor.

Become a Wholesale Distributor

Why become a Wholesale Member vs. Retail Customer?

It’s easy–because you save 24% off of EVERYTHING! Unlike other companies, Young Living does not require you to sell anything except to yourself, so essentially you can reap the benefits of a wholesale account. The only “catch” is you must spend $50 a YEAR, but this can be products you purchase yourself or for others. Within a 12 month time, that $50 is easily spent. Once you a wholesale member, you are given a sponsor, like me, who can help explain and show you the ropes into the world of essential oils. So if you like saving money, there really is no other choice but to become a wholesale member, especially since you will love the oils just as me and want to collect them all! If you are still unsure, buy a sample pack of oils from my site at (Member Number: 2431561) and try them out. Once you do, you will never look back!

In a snapshot here are the perks to being a wholesale member:

  • 24% discount off everything
  • No obligation to sell
  • Commitment of only $50 a YEAR in products


How do you sign up?

Here is a visual walk-through put together by Young Living that explains, step by step, how to sign up:

Here is a quick snapshot of the sign up process:

  • Start here and input all of your basic information under my Sponsor ID:
  • Be sure to mark the bubble for “wholesale member” to receive the wholesale discounts
  • The site will ask for your SSN #, but rest assured I do not see this information. This is only due to the earning potential you could make should you wish to make this a business for yourself.
  • Create a username and password
  • Pick your Starter Kit (Explained in Detail below)
  • Pick your Essential Rewards Kit (optional)
  • Lifetime membership
  • Presto! You’re done

Starter Kits

YL has  few different starter kits ranging in price from beginner to deluxe. Personally, I purchased the Premium Basic Starter Kit only for the value. The items contained in the kit are worth well over $300 and it’s only $160! If you just want a smaller kit, you can try the Basic Starter Kit for only $45. Check out each kit below:

  • Premium Starter Kits: You can choose between 3 premium kit options: Classic Kit, Thieves Kit, or theNingXia Kit. These kits are still a great deal and you can purchase them again and again once you are a wholesale member as they are a great way to sample the manyYL products.
    1. Premium Basic Starter Kit: The classic kit comes with 11 different, 5 ml essential oils (best sellers including Lavender, Peppermint Vitality, Lemon Vitality, Copaiba Vitality, Frankincense, Pan Away, R.C., Thieves Vitality, Purification, Stress Away, and DiGize oil blends.), a home diffuser, samples, two NingXia sample packs, product guide, a free roll-on, and product information. The diffuser alone is $75 and the oils combined are well worth this price. I absolutely love my diffuser and have it set all the time.
    2. Thieves Premium Starter Kit: This kit is wonderful for helping convert your home cleaning products to green clean. This kit contains all you need to make that transition as Thieves is truly an amazing antimicrobial and antibacterial again that functions as a great multipurpose cleaner. This kit includes 2 household cleaners, 2 hand soaps, 2 sprays, 15ml Thieves Oil, dental floss, toothpaste, mouth wash, hand sanitizer, Stress Away Oil Blend, samples, NingXia sample packs, and more!
    3. NingXia Premium Starter Kit: This kit features NingXia Red which is a multi-purpose drink that is primarily used a natural energy drink. The founder, Gary Young, has discovered the immense health benefits of NingXia (more commonly known as Wolfberries or Goji Berries) and their link to a healthy immune system and longevity. This would be a great kit for anyone interested in fitness and supplements as this is a great, non-toxic energy booster. You can drink them straight or add the concoction in any smoothie or green drink you make. (NOTE: This kit is $10 more at $170)
premium starter kit
Premium Basic Starter Kit
Thieves Starter Kit
Thieves Starter Kit
NingXia Starter Kit
NingXia Starter Kit

What’s the Deal with the Essential Rewards?

Admittedly, I didn’t understand the Essential Rewards Program and needed my sponsor to sit me down and explain it. To save you the headache, let me explain. The Essential Rewards is like a bonus program you can enroll in (this is completely optional) where you agree to buy certain products each month for a minimum of 50 PV (basically YL points that average about $50). You can change your product order for your Essential Rewards Order every month to try new products. For example, my next monthly Essential Rewards Order includes a 15ml bottle of Abundance and 15ml of Thieves oil. You get to pick the date you want your card charged and done! You will accrue points that act as free YL dollars for you to use and buy more stuff! This will (1) help you quickly meet your $50 a year minimum, (2) allow you to try more great YL products, (3) enable you to replenish your existing supply each month. So let’s say you use a lot of Lavender oil and you find yourself running out quickly. Well add it to your monthly Essential Rewards order and you will never run out. If you are like me and you are constantly using different oils all the time, this is great to purchase that one expensive oil you want while accruing points and to try new products. You can control your Essential Rewards orders online or do it over the phone. I mark my calendar to remind myself when to change my order for the next month and when my card will be charged. The program is completely voluntarily and you can withdrawal from the program at any time–no penalties!


Want to Make this a Business?
YL offers you the chance to make this a full-time or side business. Just to give you an idea, if you sell premium kits in your first month, you will have already paid for your own premium kit. You can do this with friends and family and create an “oily” network dedicated to helping pay for our own essential oils. To learn more about the business opportunities provided with a YL wholesale membership go here:

Power of Daily Affirmations

With I hear the term “daily affirmations,” I always think of Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live who said at the end of each skit while staring in a mirror, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” While this was poking fun at the use of daily affirmations, in fact, affirmations actually work! I think the hardest part about them is making it a daily habit and sticking with it.

While browsing through the Goodwill, I came across an interesting title called, “The Dynamic Law of Healing,” by Catherine Ponder. It was copyrighted in the 80s and I was intrigued enough as a reiki practitioner to buy it for $1 and see what messages it might offer. Essentially, the book breaks down the power of affirmations and the different types. For example, there are affirmations of forgiveness in which you forgive all those that have hurt you in your past, present, and present as a way to let go and release any long standing negative emotions you may have festering inside your body. Another type is divine love affirmations, where you channel and invoke the incredible power of divine love in your daily life. As many a trite sayings, love conquers are–this is quite true that the riding the frequency of love can change your DNA and mental outlook.

I have been practicing these different types of affirmations and have noticed a huge difference in my life. I am surrendering my issues up to God and living with divine love, forgiveness and gratitude. I wanted to share some of my favorite affirmations that I carry with me in my phone when I have a moment alone or feel like praying. I recite these over and over again during the day. Please use as many as you like or create your own!

  • I am a magnet for miracles. I trust my source and I am divinely guided and directed.
  • My life, my health, my prosperity, my happiness, my success, my good cannot be limited! I am unfettered and unbound!
  • I am divine intelligence. Every part of my body is filled with divine intelligence. I am whole, well, harmonious through and through
  • All that has offended me, I forgive. Whatever has made me bitter, resentful, unhappy, I forgive. Within and without, I forgive. Things past, things present, things future, I forgive.
  • I am the radiant child of God. My mind, body, and affairs now express His radiant perfection.
  • My heart is filled with divine love and divine love will work any miracle that needs working.
  • God is love.

Angel Messages

The longer I practice reiki, the more and more open my channel becomes to other spirits and light beings. These beings include angels. I grew up Catholic so angel lore and mythology was always part of religion studies and Sunday school, but the thought of a guardian angel or communing with various archangels or saints never really stuck with me. However, a recent reiki share experience changed my mind.

For those that don’t know, “reiki shares” typically consist of a meet-up of other reiki practitioners to give and receive reiki and practice on one another. Although I perform reiki on myself everyday, it’s nice to be treated by others from time to time and for those to see or feel things not in your immediate awareness. During this particular reiki share, another reiki practitioner, Stephanie, and myself were channeling energy for a young man. As I was channeling energy around his feet and ankles, I heard a sharp, high-pitched ringing in my ears. It sounded as if a tuning fork was struck loudly by my ear. It was a sound I recall hearing before, but never really paid much attention to. After the session, I asked my friend if she heard the same noise that I did. She smiled and said it was my angels trying to tell me a message and she noted she saw flashes of green and red, both colors associated with Archangel Michael and Raphael. Stephanie also shared that this type of sound is typical from angels as it’s an angelic frequency.

Since that time, I’ve been praying and channeling my angels and specific archangels. Anytime I need help, guidance, or support, I call upon Archangel Michael and, if I need help with helping others or myself, I call upon Archangel Raphael.  As mentioned in my last post, Doreen Virtue is an excellent source on the topic of angels and how to communicate with them.  She talks with them daily and teaches you how to be more conscious and aware of their messages. As with everything, it takes time and patience, but it’s fun talking with them and praying regularly.


Angel and Oracle Messages for 2017

While being more in-tuned with my spirit guides and angels, I have been religiously watching Doreen Virtue’s weekly oracle readings. She is world renown for her work with angels and other spirit guides and constantly communes with them to deliver their messages to us. Most can agree, 2016 was a tough year. I can attest that I had a very difficult year with the loss of my father being the culmination of all the chaos (it was the year of the monkey after all!). At any rate, I am eager for 2017 to bring new blessings, abundance, and lots of healing, both globally and personally. If you have the time, I encourage you to listen to Doreen’s 2017 predictions for the entire year. She is on point with so much going on globally and brings truth and optimism to a new year. Relax and enjoy the video and may reiki light surround you and bring you all that you wish to manifest in the new year.