Month: September 2014

Wicca: a beginner’s exploration into magic

Recently becoming interested in the occult and taboo, Wicca made its way into my view and I decided to investigate. Wicca celebrates the individual and obviously so as there is not necessarily an organized body representing Wiccas. It represents the dual energy of male and female, light and dark, etc., while practicing magic, rituals, and more.

“Wiccan holiday Calender”

I recently moved to Long Beach and to better acquaint myself with the local shops, I wanted to know to find an affordable, unpretentious crystal/metaphysical shop. I used to go to an overpriced crystal shop in Silverlake because they had a nice selection and variety; however, they started gaining steam and popularity amongst the shallow, trust-funders and the tiny store became overwhelmed with this clientele who had deep pockets. Feeling a little disheartened about the store, I stopped going and started looking for other shops.

A few months roll by and I’m living in a new city with a new, exciting energy–far from the pretension and 100% markups of Silverlake. I came across an occult store called the The Eye of the Cat that specializes in spells, herbs, incense, and your basic witches’ tools. I was intrigued and couldn’t recall ever finding such a unique store. I decided to drop by and see their selection and if anything interested me. I’ll admit, I was nervous about coming here after reading Yelp reviews of some people hating it and others attributing any dislike of the store as “you weren’t meant to be there.” Feeling vain and feeling like I was meant to be there, I got nervous that I would feel a negative energy which would mean of course I shouldn’t be there. Silly and sort of superstitious.

the eye of the cat
“The Eye of the Cat”-Long Beach, CA

When I arrived to the store, I released any expectations or any inklings of things I wanted since I didn’t know what to expect. They actually did had some small crystals so I bought some citrine, moss agate, and green quartz. I had limited funds so I couldn’t go crazy but I felt like browsing the store for awhile, trying to look at all the knick-knacks, but there was that slight awkwardness when you are the only one browsing a small store, there’s no music, and it’s just the store clerk at the counter. This wasn’t terribly bad as the store girl could careless that I was there. I ended up buying some money drawing incense for I think $2 in a little pouch along with some charcoal. I left feeling like I could totally be a witch and cast spells.

Essentially, the basis of witchcraft is harnessing your will and projecting what you want outward in the form of spells. So just like a businessman reading “The Secret” and learning how to stay positive, focus on what you want, and just wait for the universe to it, so is practicing witchcraft similar. I understand there are groups of practicing witches who participate in shared rituals together, but being a solitary person, I opted to research on what being a solitary witch would mean. This is how wonderful the internet–one minute I can research Satanism and the other minute I can explore and research witchcraft. In going to various sites, they essentially taught you how to cast spells, the belief in magic, and practicing “good” witchcraft that does not cause harm to others. The belief in magic really translated for me as a belief in the power of intention and the power of the universe granting you want you want, if you are respectful and ask nicely. Of course, every Wiccan/Druid/Witch (or whatever preference they choose to identify with) has its own specific niche they adhere to and I like the “worship” of nature and adoration of various goddess/deities. I few that as just a belief in what that goddess/deity represents and channeling that energy into manifesting your desires.

For example, I own Goddess Tarot cards and they are pretty accurate to the questions I ask of them. Tarot is open for interpretation and I find doing your own readings would give you the most accurate information as you are the channeler and asking the universe for guidance with regard to your question. Thus, your interpretation would most likely best apply to your situation. I generally do about 1-2 readings every week in the morning and try to keep the card displayed all day as a reminder to whatever message the cards told me.


I find that the practice of tarot reading and focusing and channeling on certain goddess deities can help keep your mind focused on your goal or means. The same can be said of witchcraft.

Back to my first spell-casting… I viewed a few websites and decided to case a money drawing spell. I even came up with and tweaked a rhyming version of a spell I found. I had everything planned out–I had a makeshift cauldron, burning coal, burned my money drawing green incense, and lit a 7-day novena candle for fast luck and just meditated into the flame. I allowed the ashes from the incense to completely burn down and decided to bury them on the beach a few blocks from my house. It was a full moon that night, which is typically ideal for spell casting and I tried to feel and harness the goddess/universal energy for my request. I made my request clear that bringing me money, would cause no harm to anyone. I think this is crucial for any spell casting as it appears the tales of “dark magic” are true. This is most apparent in Mexico where there are brujeria marketplaces and brujas that can cast spells for you (good or evil). They can concoct jars of animal parts, blood, human parts, etc. all for the purposes of your spell. I own several novena candles that I have had for years and never really used them. A girl from Mexico City, who was a friend of a friend, saw my candle collection and was so freaked out she thought I was a bruja! I chuckled at this considering that I am not and it just shows how afraid and misinformed people can be. Now, from her perspective, evil brujas was very much a reality, so I can’t blame her for her reaction. But the candles are a tool and symbol of your intention and by themselves cannot draw or create things to occur–it is rather the power of your mind’s intention that manifests things out of thin air.


Although I believed in the magic I was drawing and I kept praying and repeating my money mantra, the only thing that manifested money-wise for me was my boyfriend finding $20. I guess it worked? I felt a little disheartened and have put witchcraft aside for the moment. Maybe talking with a practicing witch to give me pointers and point out what went wrong would be worth my time to correct. I haven’t given up on witchcraft as I admire it’s reverence of the feminine, nature, and animals. And perhaps it’s my need for instant gratification that made the spell not work or the fact I should have started with a less self-serving spell as my first spell. There was a purpose for the money I was requesting (a project that needed funding) and I requested a specific realistic amount, but alas perhaps focusing and meditating more can better harness my energy.