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Benefits of the Jade Face Rollers: As Featured on the Hallmark Channel

As Featured on the Hallmark Channel:

Hallmark Channel Last Minute Beauty Fixes

What the heck are the benefits of jade face rollers you ask? Their history dates back to ancient China and they have been found in tombs dating back to the 12th Century. Used by the elite women of China as a luxury beauty item, the jade roller was meant to smooth wrinkles, de-puff the face, drain toxins, and balance one’s qi (pronounced “chi”). Historically, jade has been revered as a powerful stone that embodies longevity, beauty, grace and by some, immortality.

Jade facial roller
Jade facial roller

The jade rollers are always cool to the skin and can be added to the fridge for extra cooling properties. The use of the jade rollers are to flatten wrinkles, tighten the skin, and minimize the appearance of pores. Of most importance, the jade rollers help to eliminate lymphatic toxins from the face.


What is the lymphatic system?

The Lymphatic System is a circulatory system within the body that is the body’s primary waste elimination mechanism. The Lymphatic System has a system of over 600 lymph nodes, otherwise referred to as “collection sites,” that essentially collect toxins from the body. If your lymph “highways” become blocked, then this can create a toxic build-up in your body.  Over time, this back-up can turn to slug or cottage cheese, which can result in a toxic body causing cancer or other serious conditions. By moving any stagnated lymph highways, you will stimulate the lymph system and rejuvenate your body’s immune system to aid in the body’s natural healing abilities to overcome illness.

Lymphatic Network
Lymphatic Network

How jade rollers help the lymphatic system?

Jade rollers literally push the lymph circuits and manually stimulate them to assist in the body’s natural release of toxins. Sometimes facial puffiness can be attributed to a backed up lymph system and thus the roller can “roll out” like a baker’s roller the stagnated fluids. Jade rollers are one affordable way to help stimulate the lymphatic system.

By improving lymphatic circulation, you will be providing much needed and improved nutrition to the cells contained in your epidermis and dermis.

Hiddenite: The Gratitude Stone

I love researching the never ending varieties of stones and crystals. I will have read the same description for the same stone several times before I really grasp the benefits and properties of that particular stone. Some stones end up resonating with me way more than others and Hiddenite was just that stone for me.



I was looking for a stone that embodied feelings of gratitude and assisting the wearer in amplifying feelings of gratefulness, joy, and being grounded or humble. This was research for another project I was working on and I felt the stone I was looking for would be green. After some searching, Hiddenite appeared and I read about all its fantastic qualities. Here’s a quick crystal profile for you to incorporate some quality grade Hiddenite in your collection.

•Light to translucent green and yellow stone
•Manifest feelings of Gratitude, Joy, Love and Spontaneity
•Lifts your mood
•Heals anxiety and stress
•Creates feelings of self-worth and self-appreciation in those that do not love or appreciate themselves.
•Great for increasing heart energy and finding your twin soul
•Helps those who have difficulty expressing their emotions
•Helps those with addiction and abuse issues
•Also referred as Kunzite and is considered a green or yellow variety of Spodumene
•Discovered by William Hidden in North Carolina in 1879

On my second journey to Quartzsite, I found a woman from Palm Springs selling about 30 grams of Hiddenite at $10 a gram. Her tiny pieces were beautiful, clear, and of great quality. I would have loved to spend $300 on all of them but she ended up gifting me a piece for free since I was admiring them so much. It was delicate and fragile, but contained immense healing power.

Hiddenite Picture Courtesy of:
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Traversing the Tarot

I have always been fascinated with tarot cards but was never fully confident or sure of myself to try to learn the tricks of the trade. While my education into tarot study is predominantly for self-readings, I have occasionally done readings for friends in person and on the phone. I don’t claim to be a master by any means, but I am of the belief that when doing a reading for someone else, that person’s intention and energy will transfer through me to the tarot cards to provide an accurate reading, and generally, this has been the case. I try to hold that person’s question in my mind’s eye and allow myself to be a conduit for the answer the person is seeking. The world of tarot is large and vast as there are many types of tarot cards and many interpretations to understanding these psychic tools.

I started with the Goddess Cards as a gift from a good friend of mine. I had the intention in the back of my mind to get into tarot, but never got around to researching it myself. One of the best ways to get started was the prompting of a gift and a friend to guide me through. The Goddess Oracle Cards, while depicting famous world-renowned goddess or lore and history, helps to channel and answer questions of particular care to women. The cards can still be used by men or to answer questions for men, but certainly women can agree there is a certain empowerment tied to learning about female goddesses that may embolden and guide the reader to action. These cards consist of a smaller deck than your standard Rider-Waite Deck, but they are fun, colorful, and come complete with a mini book to help summarize the cards’ meaning and interpretation. I find these as a great way to get started on a simply level and they can be displayed as a reminder for the message you received from them.

goddess cards

Before going on a road trip to Sedona last fall, I was finding my Goddess Cards were giving me inaccurate readings. I couldn’t understand why they seemed so off the mark. I researched and learned that you should consider your tarot cards as a living entity and, like any human or creature, they would rightly not want to be asked questions 24-7! I was asking the same question over and over expecting a different answer or, at least, constant assurance that the answer was true. Naturally, anyone nagging at the same question would get tired of giving the same result, so I believe the cards decided to stop answering my questions all together. I needed to “treat” my cards to a “spa day,” so to speak and thought bringing them to Sedona into an energy vortex would help recharge them and hopefully, let the cards forgive me for being so annoying! I also tried to ask the cards questions like “What kind of questions do you like to answer?” almost like I was courting the cards. While I took the cards out in two vortexes in Sedona, I tried another reading for myself in front of my friend and found the cards to still be giving me an inaccurate reading. When I gave the cards a chance to read for my friend, they were spot-on! Feeling ever frustrated, I decided to give them a rest and just tote them around with me and be conscious of them, but not be too needy or dependent. I realized you can’t consult the cards everyday and of course the interpretations can be general and broad.

After about a month’s time of resting and providing the cards a new velvet satchel, they started to provide accurate and beneficial readings. I’ve been using the Goddess Cards for about 7 months now and completely love how easy and quick they are. I have decided to “step up” my tarot game and I was also gifted a deck of the traditional Rider-Waite cards. These include 78 cards (way more than the Goddess Cards!) that are divided into two major parts: The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are further divided into four suits: Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, and Ace of Pentacles. In addition to the Major and Minor Arcana, there are the Court Cards and pips cards number on through ten and, lastly the lone Fool card. The cards themselves are very beautifully illustrated and there is an interesting history behind the woman who created the art of the tarot that I recommend you read here.

Major Arcana Photo Courtesy of:
Major Arcana
Photo Courtesy of:

While there are many resources out there to learn the tarot, my advice is to take your time, practice for yourself, and have fun.

Enjoy the road to divination!