Month: April 2015

Crystal Cleansing

As I write this post, I realize I don’t cleanse my crystals nearly as much as I need to. Mostly because of my busy schedule, but mostly because I hate to disassemble my (growing) crystal altar. I’m fortunate enough to live in sunny Southern California where almost every day is sunny and warm. This gives me even less of an excuse not to “bathe” my crystals in the sun. In this post I want to briefly discuss a few methods for cleansing your crystals and encouraging you to try to do it often (at least more often than myself) to re-energize and reinvigorate your little babies.

Why Cleanse Your Crystals?

If you’re reading this post, then I assume you believe that crystals are alive and have collected energy from the earth. This is the principle of even having a crystal collection because they are gifts from the earth and are charged accordingly. As a living thing with a frequency (albeit a low frequency) they want to travel, get re-charged, and need to be cleaned. By cleaning your crystals, they will be happy and they will remove any negative energy that may have attached itself to them. This is because crystals absorb the energy around them and those that hold them or wear them.  By not cleansing them, your crystals can lose their crystal potency so to speak and lose some of their charge. So be good to your crystals and clean them!

Sun Bath for your Crystals
Sun Bath for your Crystals

How to Clean Your Crystals


There are a few methods on cleaning your crystals that I will discuss below. These are merely some suggestions and by no ones all the ways to cleanse them:

  • SUN/MOON BATH: As the name suggests, place your crystals to be fully exposed to the energizing rays of the sun or moon.  You want to be able to expose them to the sun or moon for at least 12 hours (24 is ideal). I usually take mine out in increments over several days, but this can be time consuming. Be weary of crystals that may fade in the sun such as amethyst so you won’t want to use this method for these stones. Alternatively, for a moon bath, it is ideal you place them overnight during a full moon. Some stones in particular, like black tourmaline, may need to be cleansed for longer periods of time such as 48 hours, due to their intense absorption of negative energies.
  • EARTH BATH: Since your crystals were forged from Mother Earth, it’s only natural that you can “plant” them back in the earth for rejuvenation. Think of it as a mud bath for your crystals. You can place them directly into the earth or place them in a bag (like natural cotton rather than synthetic fibers). Leave them to incubate in the earth for 24 hours.
  • SMUDGING:  Burn some sage and hold each crystal in the smoke for 1-2 minutes. Just as you would smudge your home to dispel negative energies, the same can be done for each crystal. Hold your intention in your mind that you wish to remove and dispel the negative energies from your crystals. Think of this method as wiping the slate clean and your crystal is blank. In order to fully re-energize your crystal, place in the sun, moon, or earth to complete this process.
  • INTENTION BATH: This method requires you willing your intention to cleanse the crystals with concentration and focus. You ask the Universe to cleanse all of the negative energies from your crystals and to re-energize them for their maximum potential. Think of this as a deep mediation or conversation with you and the Universe to give back to your crystals. Be sure to thank the Universe for cleansing your crystals.
  • Ocean Water: Some suggest using salt water that you concoct, but I prefer bringing a few of my tumbled stones in a cotton bag down to the beach and soaking them in the ocean for awhile. I’m fortunate to live two blocks away from the ocean so this is simply a quick stroll. Be careful not to bring crystals such as Selenite which can dissolve in water.
  • Another Crystal: Some crystals actually act as “docking stations” for cleansing your other gems. Ideally the cleansing crystal should be large such as a large quartz piece, amethyst, or even carnelian. While leaving it on top of the larger crystal may be more convenient, you will need to cleanse the cleansing crystal regularly since it would be absorbing all the negative energies from the smaller crystals.

I hope this helps and try to cleanse your crystals regularly!