Month: October 2015


Rituals are an important part of connecting our outer world with our inner world. By this I mean, participating in an external activity with your prayers and intentions it helps you feel and connect with the higher source. I have been creating my own rituals for several years now and the most important thing I’ve learned it that you don’t need any person to tell you how to perform a ritual (although ironically I suppose some will interpret this very post as doing just that). As cheesy as it sounds, just perform a ritual based on your feelings. While referencing some other sites or resources for general ideas and inspiration may be a good idea for the beginner, ultimately the ritual is given power through your intention and emotions.

When I was in high school, I had a mentor who taught me a lot about environmentalism, spirituality, prayer, feminism, and rituals. Something she told me was that the universe has a way of providing you a teacher for whatever you are here to learn and overcome. Once you have learned your lesson, you will move on. In other words, sometimes you have teachers come into your life and then go. She first exposed me to saging, crystal cleansing, and meditating back then and it’s something that has been with me ever since.

Once of the very first rituals I participated in was a peace pipe ceremony with her and my two friends. We were each tasked with certain “jobs” before and during the ceremony. I was tasked with purchasing the tobacco, one friend was tasked to continue to light the sage, while the other was tasked to disperse the smoke with a white feather. The purpose of the ceremony was to make our prayers manifest in a physical form by the passing of the peace pipe. My mentor led us in a prayer and commanded such a strong presence that the ceremony was indeed sometime very powerful and memorable. I will never forget the silence and stillness gazing through the smoke at each of us and feeling a connection with someone greater. It’s rituals like these that most of us don’t have or choose not to participate in regularly.

I encourage you to participate in such rituals or create your own. Acknowledgement is the key to self-empowerment.