Month: April 2016

Guided Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guides

The most challenging part of meditation is silencing the mind and letting go. Often times our minds won’t shut-up and we go from one trivial thought to the next. For me, the best way to quiet the mind was to put it to work, so to speak. By leading a self-guided meditation you help to keep your mind calm and focused, while also receiving valuable information from your spirit guides, angels, spirit animals, etc. I found this exercise very useful, fun and uplifting and wanted to share the meditative tour I journey to. Below is an outline of this journey and the questions to ask yourself when setting up your space. Essentially you are constructing a place in your mind where you are comfortable to meet your guides. Once you have set your intention on who you want to me and what question you have, you can begin down the rabbit hole!


  • Begin your meditation in a quiet, comfortable space. Try to sit upright, rather than lying down so you don’t fall asleep.
  • Give thanks to the universe/God/Spirit/etc. for giving you this healing energy and for providing you the information you see.
  • Set your intention on who you would like to meet with. You can ask to meet your animal guides, your spirit guides, your angels, a loved one, etc. Then, set your intention as to what question you would like answered. If you don’t have a specific question in mind you can ask that you receive the information that is for your highest good at this time and be open to receiving whatever that message is.

Animal spirit guides

  • Once your intentions have been set, close your eyes and center yourself. Take a few deep inhales, and imagine you are pushing healing energy out through your skin. Do this for a couple inhales, or as long as you feel necessary to get the healing energy following.
  • Now that you are centered, you can begin the journey.
  • Imagine yourself in a place…any place. You can be in the middle of the ocean, hiking on a mountain, in outer space, or wherever. I picture this beautiful park by my house that has huge madrone trees with roots that you have to climb over.
  • Now, imagine there is a vortex, hole, or tunnel that drops down through the center of the Earth. Picture what this hole looks like, smells like. Is it dark, damp, and moist? Is it bright, airy, and open? Is it a fun slide? Essentially you want to imagine yourself traveling down this tunnel/portal/rabbit hole/etc. to your special, sacred place to meet your guides. I imagine while I’m at my favorite park, I turn the corner of this massive tree and climb over a huge protruding root and find an Alice in Wonderland type rabbit hole. It is dark, warm, and inviting. I love that story as a child, so the image of the rabbit hole leading to a new world always intrigued me.
  • Time for the fun part–go down your tunnel, vortex, or slide into your sacred space. You can float down, parachute down, or whatever comes to your mind.
  • Fall through your tunnel, through the Earth’s core and come out the other end. Fall or float down into your world.


  • Imagine what your sacred space looks like? Are you in a beautiful forest? Are you on a beach? Are you in an English cottage? You can think of any place that is special to you or that your mind comes up with. My place is a beautiful, ancient redwood forest, adorned with huge ferns, a stream rushing through it, and animals abound.
  • Take a few moments to think up the little details of your place. Walk around it. What do you see?
  • Keep walking around your place and eventually your spirit guide will present itself to you. If you asked to see your animal guide(s), pay attention to what animals you see. What are the animals doing? Are they playing? Are they leading you somewhere? Are they communicating with you? If you asked to see a spirit guide, angel, etc., what do they look like? Did the tell you their name? You can ask the guide questions and quiet your mind for the response.
  • Continue in this place for as long as you feel necessary, or until your guide leaves. Try to note the little details for you to recall and think about later.
  • Once you are ready you can reverse your journey. That is, leave the sacred space the way you came–either by tunnel, rabbit hole, or beam yourself back to reality.
  • Give thanks to your spirit guides for the information and open your eyes.

I find after I do my meditation, it helps to write down the experience quickly so I take my time to think about the details. What did my guide reveal to me? Was my question answered? My first meditation, I requested to meet with my animal guides and encountered a wolf. We played and romped for a while and then he directed me to stack stones in cairns and perform a ritual. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I just went with it. The message my wolf told me was to have fun, let loose, and you already know what to do. These messages were extremely helpful at the time. While the message may be small, it’s a great way to strengthen your intuitive abilities and start to trust yourself.