Month: May 2016

Kundalini Serpent Energy

When learning about reiki (in a western sense), you learn briefly about the Kundalini Serpent energy, which is rooted in yogic theory. This energy is a life force that curls up your spine and gives you vitality. We all have kundalini energy within us, it is a matter of activating the energy and “awakening the serpent,” so to speak. Kundalini energy is also found in Mother Earth. The serpent of energy coils itself around the globe and lands in a “hot spot” for spiritual energy. When you think of Tibet and the Himalayas, what comes to mind? Perhaps monks and nomads, all spiritually enlightened. This is because for the last hundreds of years the kundalini serpent resided in Tibet; however, within the last few years the energy is moving…its moving to the southern hemisphere in Chile. As many of you heard of the 2012 consciousness shift, this also meant the movement of the serpent energy to create a new spiritual hub for the earth.



Since everyone has a “coiled serpent” of energy resting at the base of your spine until activated, you can choose to tap into this energy if you wish. For a bizarre reason, there is a lot of “scare literature” on the web about the dangers of awakening the snake of energy and certain groups condemning the practice (steeped in thousands of years of tradition) and equating it to Satanism. While practicing and awakening the kundalini energy is not a task one should take lightly, it is also safe and liberating to do, should you be ready. For some, awakening the kundalini can be an expansion of consciousness, one filled with bliss, happiness, and gratitude. However, for others, it make cause some dormant pain and blockages to emerge and flood your senses. If you are not ready to “sit, deal, and feel,” then awakening this great energy make not be right for you…at this time. Just when doing any other type of energy work, you know when you are ready, and if the energy is too power or too much for you to handle, then it just means you need to marinate a little longer until you feel ready or compelled to try again. By using reiki energy, which brings healing energy from the universe down from the crown of your head to your base, you can use kundalini, which starts at your base and works it way up, to fully clear your chakras and provide maximum healing.


A wonderful and safe introduction to kundalini is through kundalini yoga. Here, you do not necessarily awaken the serpent through one class, as that is a whole day’s work and energy to clear your chakras and prepare for the energy to emerge, but you can get a sense of the power of energy through chanting, yoga poses, and meditation. I highly recommend anyone interested to take an in-person class, which really acts as a wonderful way for your body to release emotions and blockages, relax, and go deeper within yourself. The thing we are searching for is not outside ourselves, but the kingdom of God is WITHIN all of us. This is simply what kundalini, reiki, and other energy and religions teach.

If you are interested in learning more, I recommend “Serpent of Light” by Drumvalo Melchizedek.