Month: August 2016

Cherokee Prayer Meditation

Great Spirit We Thank You


Great Spirit we thank you
for the gift of family,
Whether it be the one we were born to
or the one we adopted on our Red Road journey.

Remind us Grandfather,
of the old ways of our People,
when selfish need was weighed
against the good of the tribe and family.

Help us to hold fast Native values and moral righteousness,

that was born from a time
of seldom concern of indecent lust and evil abuse.

You know Grandfather as time passed;
traditions were hard to keep.
Today we are returning Grandfather and we need time to heal.

We hold sacred the seventh generation,
we know too, Grandfather, that we must heal
and love ourselves to be of good character
and moral leaders of the children.

Let us not forget our Elders,
to do so is a crime against you Grandfather, and our Mother,

for we know what is done to the Mother,
will soon be done to us.
We have seen this. May it not scar us for eternity.

Today Grandfather,

as we remember the times of past let us know,
we must act as a family to raise our children.
Aunties are important and able teachers.
Uncles are caretakers for the Elderly.
Each brother, sister, cousin has a necessary role.
Unite us again as family as we cast off
the patriarchal teachings of western society
and return to what we know to be true.

~Mashie Chope Papa