DIY Natural Eye Cream and Face Exfoliator!

I’m sure you’re sick of the phrase “Times are tough,” but because of these tough times I decided not to compromise my beauty routine and researched how to create some products I love. I used to work at Sephora almost 10 years ago and since that time, they drilled into me a ‘routine.’ Of course that’s changed over the years but I remember some of the trainings I received mentioned how most people (men included) do not use an eye cream and this is where the first signs of aging can show. While I’m not obessed with a youthful appearance, I like having healthly, glowing skin. Keeping the skin under my eyes hydrated has been essential to minimize dark circles and tired looking eyes.

After my Ole Henriksen eye cream ran out, I simply cleaned the  0.5 oz jar out and mixed the following recipe:

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Vitamin E Capsules
  • Rose Hip Oil


Natural Eye Cream 0.5 oz
Natural Eye Cream 0.5 oz

Pretty simple. I just mix a few little q-tip dollops until I have a fairly thick consistency. You will want to use maybe 2-3 vitamin E capsules and poke them with a safety pin. Once you’re done stirring the mixture to the desired consistency, you can pop it in the freezer so it adds a nice cooling effect.

This website here also gives a nice video tutorial of another similar eye cream.

This recipe is so simple, cheap, and natural you won’t want to use another eye cream that is packed with other junk and parabens. Plus, once you buy these products, you can use them for other DIY beauty products…such as the amazing face exfoliator below.

After reading a Sunset magazine article about what it’s like to be a celebrity for a day, the dermatologist for the stars, Dr. Harold Lancer said that celebrities have normal skin issues like the rest of us, but the difference is that they actually are consistent and follow the doctor’s orders to achieve results. He also mentioned that his secret to great skin is to exfoliate first, then wash your wash to get a better, deeper clean. With this in mind, and knowing how pricey a good, natural exfoliator could be, I researched some simple recipes. This is the one that I am in love with and have been using everyday (because it’s that gentle!):

  • Raw organic cane sugar
  • Vitamin E oil and/or Jojoba Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil (2-3 drops)
  • Coconut Oil (optional)


Face Exfoliator 1.5 oz
Face Exfoliator 1.5 oz

I mix about 1 1/2 tablespoons of the sugar in a 1.5 oz jar and add the oils accordingly. I stir until the oil is absorbed into the sugar and it makes a nice paste. This exfoliator is great if your skin is dry and in need of the extra moisture. You can also substitute and use organic baking soda instead of raw sugar. The lavender oil acts as an antibacterial agent, while the sugar provides a gentle buffer to the skin that can be used daily. My skin is oily, and the oil helps to hydrate my skin better. I still generally wash my face with an organic facial cleanser just to give my face a nice squeaky clean feeling.

exfloliator 2

Since using this face exfoliator first to wash my face, followed by a cleanser, my skin appears hydrated and radiant, with less blemishes. Give it a try!