Hiddenite: The Gratitude Stone

I love researching the never ending varieties of stones and crystals. I will have read the same description for the same stone several times before I really grasp the benefits and properties of that particular stone. Some stones end up resonating with me way more than others and Hiddenite was just that stone for me.



I was looking for a stone that embodied feelings of gratitude and assisting the wearer in amplifying feelings of gratefulness, joy, and being grounded or humble. This was research for another project I was working on and I felt the stone I was looking for would be green. After some searching, Hiddenite appeared and I read about all its fantastic qualities. Here’s a quick crystal profile for you to incorporate some quality grade Hiddenite in your collection.

•Light to translucent green and yellow stone
•Manifest feelings of Gratitude, Joy, Love and Spontaneity
•Lifts your mood
•Heals anxiety and stress
•Creates feelings of self-worth and self-appreciation in those that do not love or appreciate themselves.
•Great for increasing heart energy and finding your twin soul
•Helps those who have difficulty expressing their emotions
•Helps those with addiction and abuse issues
•Also referred as Kunzite and is considered a green or yellow variety of Spodumene
•Discovered by William Hidden in North Carolina in 1879

On my second journey to Quartzsite, I found a woman from Palm Springs selling about 30 grams of Hiddenite at $10 a gram. Her tiny pieces were beautiful, clear, and of great quality. I would have loved to spend $300 on all of them but she ended up gifting me a piece for free since I was admiring them so much. It was delicate and fragile, but contained immense healing power.

Hiddenite Picture Courtesy of: http://www.cardiffjewellery.biz/types-of-green-gemstones-for-jewelry/hiddenite-520x263/
Picture Courtesy of: http://www.cardiffjewellery.biz/types-of-green-gemstones-for-jewelry/hiddenite-520×263/