Benefits of the Jade Face Rollers: As Featured on the Hallmark Channel

As Featured on the Hallmark Channel:

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What the heck are the benefits of jade face rollers you ask? Their history dates back to ancient China and they have been found in tombs dating back to the 12th Century. Used by the elite women of China as a luxury beauty item, the jade roller was meant to smooth wrinkles, de-puff the face, drain toxins, and balance one’s qi (pronounced “chi”). Historically, jade has been revered as a powerful stone that embodies longevity, beauty, grace and by some, immortality.

Jade facial roller
Jade facial roller

The jade rollers are always cool to the skin and can be added to the fridge for extra cooling properties. The use of the jade rollers are to flatten wrinkles, tighten the skin, and minimize the appearance of pores. Of most importance, the jade rollers help to eliminate lymphatic toxins from the face.


What is the lymphatic system?

The Lymphatic System is a circulatory system within the body that is the body’s primary waste elimination mechanism. The Lymphatic System has a system of over 600 lymph nodes, otherwise referred to as “collection sites,” that essentially collect toxins from the body. If your lymph “highways” become blocked, then this can create a toxic build-up in your body.  Over time, this back-up can turn to slug or cottage cheese, which can result in a toxic body causing cancer or other serious conditions. By moving any stagnated lymph highways, you will stimulate the lymph system and rejuvenate your body’s immune system to aid in the body’s natural healing abilities to overcome illness.

Lymphatic Network
Lymphatic Network

How jade rollers help the lymphatic system?

Jade rollers literally push the lymph circuits and manually stimulate them to assist in the body’s natural release of toxins. Sometimes facial puffiness can be attributed to a backed up lymph system and thus the roller can “roll out” like a baker’s roller the stagnated fluids. Jade rollers are one affordable way to help stimulate the lymphatic system.

By improving lymphatic circulation, you will be providing much needed and improved nutrition to the cells contained in your epidermis and dermis.