Prayer Candles

I have used prayer candles for a really long time partly as a collector’s piece and partly for conducting mini rituals. You can make a trek to your nearest botanica and see the assortment of colors and candles for just about everything. I like a lot of color and like to have the full spectrum rainbow of prayer candles in my home at all times. Some take the use of this candles very seriously and associate them with witchcraft, voodoo, or brujeria and believe them to be used for bad or malicious intent. I recall a friend visited me and her cousin was from Mexico City. When she saw my prayer candles she quietly freaked out and thought I was a bruja. Honestly, I don’t subscribe to voodoo or at least the practice of black magic. I like the candles for the purpose of mediation, setting intentions, and just a physical object to create rituals from. “If you think bad thoughts, bad things are to come” is kind of the same principle with these candles. If you want to use them to conjure bad entities or spirits, then that’s your choice; however, I play on the side of light, love, and gratitude.

Some of my favorite candle varieties include:

  • Abre Camino, or Road Opener
  • Chango Macho, which is the Good Luck Spirit
  • Block Buster, or Rompe Bloque


You can use the Abre Camino to literally clear your path to help you pursue your endeavors and dreams. The Chango Macho candle is an African Orisha that can be burned as an offering to bring about good luck, love, and prosperity. Lastly, the block buster can remove any obstacles in your path that might be impeding you from achieving your goals.

Enjoy and ritual-on my friends.