The Power of the Buffalo Drum

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was always kind of a regular sight to see drum circles on hippie hill in Golden Gate Park, or even in Union Square, or maybe even in a BART Station stop. I would often scoff and joke with friends about it since it seemed so quintessentially “hippie” and trite. Now, here we are, over 10 years later, and I now participate in drum circles. (Irony is a cruel mistress!) I suppose it was only a matter of time until I let my inner musical, pagan spirit let loose on the drums! Why? It’s fun!

My Remo Buffalo Drum from and my crystal grid.

All jokes aside, drumming can in fact help engage you and others in a deep meditative state and help you hear and see things not of this realm. As mentioned in a previous post about Shamanic Journeying, you can go on a Shamanic Journey with the help of a drum. Providing constant, consistent drumming can help you go into this state (it’s easier if someone else does the drumming for you to start out), but even practicing it yourself, you certainly feel the power of sound healing. I participate in a drum circle every couple of months with my fellow Reiki practitioners and it is truly an event to behold. When we all gather, say a collective intention, and drum rhythmically for a couple of hours, you certainly lose track of time and space and often hearing faint chanting, singing, and/or drumming of spirits entering your space to share in the celebration. I’m not very musically inclined and I was terrible at self-teaching myself the guitar, but the drum is simply fun and exhilarating! It’s loud and powerful booms reverberate throughout your body and the room. Much like sage can clear a room of negative energy, so can a drum use sound to clear a person or space of any negativity energetically.

So ditch the attitude and stop hating about drum circles and join one!

You can buy the 14″ Remo Buffalo drum pictured on Amazon here.