Jade Face Roller Set


Jade face roller set (large and small roller) with decorative bag.

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The Jade Face Roller Set is the perfect addition to your beauty regiment! The set consist of two jade face rollers–one for larger strokes on your face and the smaller roller for the eye area. Both the roller and handle are made of green jade from China. The jade stone stays cool even with constant contact with the skin. (Add in the fridge for extra tightening effect!)

  • Made from 100% natural Chinese Jade
  • Durable and smooth
  • Larger roller measures about 4 inches tall with a 2 inch wide roller.
  • Smaller roller measures about 3 inches tall with a 1.25 inch wide roller.
  • Comes with cute decorative zippered bag for safe storage (colors vary from selected picture)

What the heck are the benefits of jade face rollers you ask? Their history dates back to ancient China and they have been found in tombs dating back to the 12th Century. Used by the elite women of China as a luxury beauty item, the jade roller was meant to smooth wrinkles, de-puff the face, drain toxins, and balance one’s qi (pronounced “chi”). Historically, jade has been revered as a powerful stone that embodies longevity, beauty, grace and by some, immortality. See my previous post on the benefits of the jade rollers here: Benefits of the Jade Face Rollers

*No need to apply pressure when using the roller, but simply allow the roller to glide across the top of your skin, gently.*

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Dimensions 20 x 10 x 40 in